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Government and Markets

Economy Surrounded

The unemployment shark is back attacking the economy.It is hurting the very essence of the Australian system. Australian economy has been robust and riding the success wave. But the latest quarter has thrown up new challenges.Inflation is increasing due to destruction of food crops due to global climate changes.

New budgets and economic packages can have a significant effect on the behavior and outcome of markets. Not only in response to government packages, but also reacting in real time as analysts try to predict how certain events will affect the outlook of their organisations. This is where the economic machine fits alongside geo-political influences as the relationship between nations, in whatever sense, is crucial to the performance of individual markets. And this is where an equilibrium must be found between politics and economics, so the markets can behave in ways conducive to business. Perhaps this is why when a situation such as Ukraine’s happens, nations are slow to respond so they don’t upset power balances too much. The mixture of a new budget for us, the crisis in eastern Europe and unstable financial systems in Asia, mean equilibrium must be found. However, power balances are all too hard to control. Whilst economies, with their shares and stocks fluctuating, governments want the best for their countries which often undermines the interests of big corporations.

The power balance is shifting and the need of the hour is policy revision. New policies will act as the Noah for the Australian economy. It will drive it forward to success. Asia is also picking up the pace after an year of slack. So, the things look bright but edgy,


Money in the Wrong Pockets

When it comes to corporations and politics it’s no secret nowadays that the two are, and have been for a long time, incredibly comfortable bed fellows. It should also come as no surprise then when we see news explaining how selective our government is being when it comes to funding big business. I’m an environmentalist and as such I always like to focus on business and corporate news which affects the world at large. This news story is alarming, but unfortunately not at all surprising. Time and time again we see governments across the developed world continually neglecting their duty to do what’s best for the human species instead choosing to do what’s best for the wallets of a select few individuals.


At least our government makes a token effort to help people be more energy efficient in their day to day lives by offering guidance and advice but can this kind of conscious consuming really work? It seems to me that unless we are all united in one cause then it can’t have much of a notable or useful effect on the way things are progressing. It’s all very well and good putting the onus on consumers to spend and consume with more awareness, but if the government isn’t willing to encourage big business to do the same, what’s the point?

TPP – Part 2

Should we be worried?I introduced the TPP in my last post. It’s been receiving a lot of coverage online, but very little via mainstream news sources, nevertheless it’s something we all need to be aware of. I recently came across this post giving 5 reasons to protest the TPP and it makes a lot of alarming but apparently valid points. The bottom line is what most grabbed my attention, ‘Corporate Power over Governments and Citizens.’ I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that a corporation will be granted more power than a government. So I started looking for examples on how this is likely to play out in the future. There is a worry that enshrouded within the secrecy of the TPP lie powers which will grant corporations the ability to sue governments for impeding their business. This example from a few years ago shows what could follow if the TPP is pushed through. As I mentioned in the last blog, Australia seems to following America’s lead very closely when it comes to the TPP, doesn’t this seem a bit silly when we’ve already had a taste of what corporations are likely to do once they gain these powers?

For anybody seeking further information regarding the TPP, I found this video an intriguing angle to consider.

TPP – Part 1

TPPIn this post I want to talk a little about the TPP. It’s a huge issue the resolution of which will affect the relationships between corporation and governments for years to come. Firstly, TPP stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s a free-trade agreement designed to open up and encourage international trade between groups of countries. The contents of the agreement have been in negotiation since 2010 with additional rounds of negotiations having taken place 4 or 5 times a year since then. I’m alarmed, as all Australians are being encouraged to be, because these negotiations which are happening so regularly are virtually 100% clandestine. Details of what is being discussed within the meetings are few and far between with warnings coming from several prominent analysts (and at least one Nobel prizewinner) that the agreement will benefit only the wealthiest of the world. Even though protests are erupting on-line and on streets all over the globe, it looks like the mystery shrouding this agreement will be tough to tear down. One thing seems certain however, that here in Australia with Abbott at the helm, it’s looking like the TPP is not going to disappear any time soon.