Time For Terror

Australia seems to pop up in the news so often alongside reports of terrorism and terrorist activity. It’s a tough trend to analyze and understand but an important one nevertheless.


On one hand, it can do good things for our international reputation with our economic partners around the world seeing us pulling our weight and doing our bit to make the world a safer place for all civilized people. Although the story is written a little vaguely we have to hope that we are indeed effectively thwarting these sorts of plots as we’ll certainly be improving our relations with the US in doing so. Our cross-pond counter-terrorists are so formidable in their War of Terror that it’s hard to begin to imagine the damage in relations we’d suffer if we were ever to stop following their lead.

The downside to this sort of news and activity are stories such as this one. The more we fight and defame the people involved in this sort of terrorist activity, the more we’ll incur their wrath and the more likely we are to be targeted in these sorts of vicious, inexcusable attacks.

Ultimately I guess that if we want to follow in America’s footsteps then we must continue being heavy-handed and enforcing a zero tolerance approach. That said, I often wonder if there’s another option. One based on kindness, negotiation, communication, understanding and basically love. It might sound a bit hippified but surely any steps taken in the direction of love and understanding are a better choice then continued violence and slaughter.


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