Monthly Archives: August 2014

Where is the money going?

A lot of economical talk and rhetoric seems to be a back and forth between the government who tell us that markets need to be less regulated and corporations under less scrutiny while pointing the finger at benefit thieves and welfare-worship as the reason why the country’s coffers are so vacant. I’ve always been suspicious of this line of reasoning having volunteered in charities and seen first hand what the genuine reliance so many people have upon welfare support. It was reassuring therefore to read this report in which Andrew Forrest’s lambasting of welfare sparing and doom-and-gloom prophesying of welfare “becoming a destination and a trap for too many of our fellow Australians” is thoroughly and completely debunked. Past readers of my blog will know my feelings about the true leeches on our society who are very real and pose a very tangible threat, indeed, irrevocable damage has already been done in countless countries because of foreign aid being used as the excuse by which powerful, rich countries open up weaker, poorer nations’ economies in order to rob, pillage and exploit their natural resources. The governments and corporations of the rich world are the true leeches of not only our national reserves, but the reserves of the world at large. Can we really stand idly by while these tyrants burn our future to the floor?

Developing_world_map1The map shows what a crazy world we really live in and how easy we, in the rich developed world, truly find it to disconnect from the plight and reality of most of our fellow humans. I recently came across a website that’s helping me voice my concerns and raise some awareness for these issues. Ferratum lender has given me access to much needed cash in these unstable and uncertain economic times. It’s allowed me to continue writing, reading, analyzing and educating myself and I highly recommend anybody struggling to make ends meet to give the website a try. That’s all for this week!