Monthly Archives: July 2014

Money in the Wrong Pockets

When it comes to corporations and politics it’s no secret nowadays that the two are, and have been for a long time, incredibly comfortable bed fellows. It should also come as no surprise then when we see news explaining how selective our government is being when it comes to funding big business. I’m an environmentalist and as such I always like to focus on business and corporate news which affects the world at large. This news story is alarming, but unfortunately not at all surprising. Time and time again we see governments across the developed world continually neglecting their duty to do what’s best for the human species instead choosing to do what’s best for the wallets of a select few individuals.


At least our government makes a token effort to help people be more energy efficient in their day to day lives by offering guidance and advice but can this kind of conscious consuming really work? It seems to me that unless we are all united in one cause then it can’t have much of a notable or useful effect on the way things are progressing. It’s all very well and good putting the onus on consumers to spend and consume with more awareness, but if the government isn’t willing to encourage big business to do the same, what’s the point?